TIBCO Intern Project

TIBCO Intern Project

MAY - AUGUST 2017 (10 WEEKS)
TEAMMATES: Vaidehi Duraphe, Xiang Shi

DELIVERABLES: Slide Deck, Presentation

MY ROLE: Brainstorming & Sketching, Documentation, Iterations, Wireframing


Our team was challenged with establishing value in using machine learning on the edge to improve corperate workplace daily routines.


The Process

Research Icon.png

Starting off this project, I began with researching machine learning and artificial intelligence uses by collecting exemplars and meeting with stakeholders. With insights gained from stakeholders, my team and I were able to define the problem space by creating an affinity diagram and value proposition canvas.

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Concept Generation

Using a persona we created, I sketched ten initial concepts to communicate my ideas and contextualize the insights generated from research. After several team collaboration sessions, we narrowed down the problem and focused into a specific area of the problem space. Sketched storyboards of four use cases emerged.


A consolidated solution was agreed upon and wireframes were generated. I developed a user flow diagram to walkthrough user’s interactions and created a SWOT analysis diagram to strategically analyses the solution for the success of the business. A functioning demo was created and shown to company executives.

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I Learned...

…how rapidly requirements can change when working with stakeholders. Business motivations change throughout the course of a project and it is important to be able to be malleable within the design process.



Please contact me directly for more details about the work I completed during my internship. Thank you!