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The Good, The Bad, The Design Animation


Five Months



My Role




Story Boards




For a course project, I was challenged to convey a message geared toward changing or influencing an individual’s perspective through the use of new media. I chose to explore animation as my new media medium by creating a video.


The purpose of my video was to reinforce the importance of the design in commonplace objects with which we interact daily. My intention was to demonstrate how an object’s design influences a favorable or unfavorable user experience.


This video depicts two different people’s shopping experiences with everyday objects at a grocery store. It focuses on how users interact with different objects. My objective was to challenge individuals to pay attention to objects in their immediate surrounding and recognize the significance of an object’s design.

Story Board & Sketches

The video opens with a design of sliding entrance doors. The doors slide to the outside, leaving a space for the person to walk through. By contrast, another sliding door is shown, but this time the doors slide toward the middle, leaving a very small space on either side through which a person would walk.

The video continues with both people walking to the dairy section. The first example is of angled milk shelves, which allow the person to read expiration dates on each milk container. The next example is of level milk shelves, showing the difficulty of viewing each milk container’s expiration date.

After each person selects their milk, they head to check out. The first person checks out at the card-reader with the “Accept” button on the right side. This is important because in the English-speaking world (my target audience) people read and write from left to right. Having the button on the right creates a friendlier user experience at checkout.  This is contrasted with the second scenario, where the “Accept” button is on the left-hand side of the card-reader. This leads to a more frustrating experience since the person is more likely to press the “Cancel” button due to its location on the right-hand side of the machine. 


Check Out Scene Expansion and Iteration


What i learned

I learned how to create an animation; this was the first animation I had made. This was a challenge for me considering I had not used Adobe Flash before. This project gave me the opportunity to increase my skill set.

Some of the actions I learned were how to:

• Use different camera angles while zooming in and out of a shot

• Timing frames and how many frames are needed for specific movements

• Better illustrations of pictures allow the viewer to understand each shot

• Motion Tweens and how different movements are incorporated

• The use of layers and folders for organization of different scenes