Facilitating Networking App


Facilitating Networking App

september 2017 (4 Weeks)



Lisha Chen

Peggy Lu

My Role

Brainstorming & Sketching




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We were tasked to develop a preliminary roll-out plan for an information technology company. Currently, this company is headquartered in Europe and is looking to expand their business-to-business networking mobile application into the United States. Our challenge was to identify a US city and propose a strategic roll-out plan over time. 



Our Proposal

Our proposal was to launch the mobile application in Austin, TX startups, and gradually expand into larger networking events and then into the Texas Triangle. The goal was to create a rich meaningful, face-to-face interactions through the use of the mobile application between business professionals for the purpose of encouraging future business exchanges. 



The Process



My exploration began by looking into major US cities with major trade shows, as this mobile application has been successful at European trade shows. As I dove deeper into the problem and research, I began to notice new opportunities and shifted my focus to cities with a booming technology startup industry and culture. 

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With the company culture in mind and analytical methods, such as SWOT and 4P's, our team narrowed down to a city that would have a low threshold of success when the mobile application was introduced. As a booming technology startup city, government support to invest in smart city development and a host to significant innovative technology events, our team decided to focus on Austin, Texas. 



Centered around building a community base, our team iterated on how a mobile application could create rich meaningful, face-to-face interactions. After exploring many potential roll-out options, I mapped out a customer journey map to walk-through a user's experience as the application would expand throughout the region. With insights gained, a strategic roll-out plan was developed. 



Roll-Out Plan

Starting with Austin technology startup, the application would launch at small networking events to build a community base. As the community begins to grow, the application would help make connections at larger networking events before being promoted at a major technology innovation event. From there we would partner with local businesses and hotels surrounding the event to expand the user base. Once the app reaches a certain level of success in Austin, the next step would be moving beyond and into the Texas Triangle. 



I Learned...

…how important it is to think beyond the screen and truly understand the needs of a client. This project really allowed me to strategically think about design from a business perspective. When working with a client it was important to understand the culture of the business, their needs and the environment in which a product is in.