Design is not about me, it's about impacting people and looking at the problem in an unconventional way.


Headshot 2016 HCI:d.png

Austin Schiffer

UX Researcher & Designer

Hmm…where to start.

I am a recent graduate with a master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction and Design from Indiana University. However, my love for designing came way before the program. It all started with a door. You know, one of those doors that you walk up to and just can’t figure out if it’s a push or pull. It baffled me that I, a smart person, couldn’t figure out how to open a door. I realized that there was so many other pieces of equipment out there that were poorly designed.

So, I’m here I am. A designer who wants to improve peoples experience one piece of technology at a time.

When I’m not designing, you can find me outdoors snowboarding, rock climbing, exploring a new city with my stomach, tasting the mastery of a local craft beer or volunteering as a registered EMT. And let’s be real, I’m probably listening to my hand-picked Disney playlist.

I’m always down for a cup of tea. (Tea, what? I know, but I’m unique and don’t like coffee.) But that's just a little about me.